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"Thank you, Ellie. You and Cooper are a great team. The food was SPECTACULAR!!! And as usual you make it all look so easy. But I know full well it is a massive amount of work. We so appreciate all the help. Still dreaming about that French toast and those espresso brownies."

- UVA Reunion Weekend celebration in Crozet

"Ellie - I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing catering service you provided for our party last night. I truly have never had such a fun time at my own party and of course that was all due to you. You are such a calm and easy person to be around and the food was just over-the-top wonderful. We had so many people remark on it. And we are getting ready to eat it again tonight for dinner! We can’t wait :-) so, thank you, thank you for all you did to make it such a fun evening. We so appreciate it!!!"
- Richmond couple staying in Crozet for a month; travel group reunion party

“With two young kids and a third on the way, finding the time and the energy to make healthy and delicious food was next to impossible. Once we hired Ellie the grocery shopping, menu planning and execution were all taken off of our plate. Her food is outstanding and she works with any requests that you throw her way. Ellie was a lifesaver for our family!”

-, personal chef client

"OMG!  So good, I tasted everything!  You have a wonderful gift, thank you doesn’t even measure up to how I feel about this!

- Keswick family, personal chef client

“The succulent tastes and nuances of her cuisine never cease to please her clients. From delicious soups and salads to perfectly baked pastries, her range and quality won’t disappoint. Ellie puts more care and preparation into her cooking than any other professional chef my father has had.”  

- Farmington Country Club family, private chef client

"Ellie prepared an absolutely delicious meal for our three families on a group vacation in Virginia. I could not recommend her highly enough. Beyond being an amazing chef, Ellie has a delightful personality, has a wonderful presence and will create an unforgettable dining experience."

- out of town guests enjoying a house rental

“The meal that you prepared for us was simply fantastic – my wife and I could have not asked for more to celebrate our anniversary. Everything was fresh and your menu complimented all of the individual parts perfectly. Thank you so much for your time and everything you did to help us celebrate our special day. Looking forward to seeing you again soon.”

- anniversary dinner

“Ellie, it was such a pleasure to have you here for our dinner party. Your ears must have been burning because everybody loved the entire meal and they would like recipes for the soup, spinach soubise, salmon strudel, and panna cotta! Your food was wonderful as was your presence! I appreciate so much everything you did, from the dinner itself to all of the numerous little things you did to help that weren’t about your dinner, but about the evening.”

- holiday dinner in Ivy

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